Week 4 Summary Diagram

Summary of Week 4 Topics

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The Topics

The eight worldly concerns are divided into four pairs of opposites: gain and loss, praise and blame, good reputation and bad reputation, and pleasure and pain.

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This practice of the Kadampa masters, quite valuable as a way of overcoming the eight worldly concerns, are divided into three groups: the four trusting acceptances, the three vajra convictions, and the mature attitudes towards being expelled, finding, and attaining.

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"Just understanding what the wish to leave cyclic existence and the altruistic intention entail does not make you a real practitioner. These attitudes must be so deeply ingrained that they become the motivating force for everything you do." (Geshe Sonam Rinchen)

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When we do analytical meditation on a topic, we reflect on the various points, making an effort to understand the reasons, the quotations, and their applications to our life.

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The four immeasurables are common to all Buddhist traditions: love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Generating these four thoughts toward other beings is a prelude to generating bodhicitta. They permeate many aspects of our lives: our daily lives and relationships, our rebirths, our liberation, and our enlightenment.

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